format development

Formats are the framing and therefore also the door opener to unforgettable user experiences:
Viewing experiences in series turn people into followers and also brand the broadcasters and streamers who provide these experiences. The development of sustainable formats is therefore a supreme discipline of the media universe.

Bernd’s development is characterized by maximum authenticity, the format he created ‘Between Tulle and Tears’ shows women in search of their wedding dress. Real. Diverse. Humorous. To be seen daily on VOX since 2016 (!).

current formats:

real life docu soap.
SKY Original
Season III – 2024

real life docu soap.
SKY Original
Season II (planned) – 2024

 Selected examples of formats Bernd has developed:

  • WE ARE FAMILY, broadcast on ProSieben, 2005-09, daily at 2 p.m.; the 2-part episode “Mama ist ein Schmetterling” (Mommy is a Butterfly), nominated in 2007 for the Grimme Award
  • DANIELA KATZENBERGER – NATÜRLICH BLOND (Naturally Blond), broadcast on VOX – Primetime, 7 Seasons, 2010-14; recipient of the 2011 LIMA Award for “VIP Brand of the Year” and the 2011 Quotenmeter Television Award for “Best Reality Show“
  • ASTERNWEG, two 4-hour documentaries about a socially combustible neighborhood, broadcast on VOX-Primetime; recipient of the 2016 German Television Award for ”Best Documentary of the Year”
  • ZWISCHEN TÜLL UND TRÄNEN (Between Tulle and Tears), broadcast on VOX, daily at 5:00 p.m., 2016 – 2024; end open
  • DER ALPTRAUMMANN (The Nightmare Man), 4-part true crime mini-series, 2021, broadcast on RTL+ and VOX Primetime; recipient of the 2021 German Television Award for ”Best Editing Information/Documentary”, and nominated for the 2021 German Television Award in the category “Best Camera Information/Documentary”
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